Vanity&The Side Effects

Def: conscious of ones appearance; representing what is on the inside,outside.

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Have we only opened our eyes now?

What I find concerning is when people this year have said “Oh I don’t feel like celebrating this year because of Gaza, I don’t know why/how anyone can in the given circumstance.”

1. Gaza has been going through this crisis before 2014

2. There are lots of people ALL OVER THE WORLD being oppressed

Congratulations on making it to reality and opening your eyes, we all need to. For one second though lets NOT look down on anyone else for not being in our current stance, we were once just like them before 2014.

We don’t need more hypocrisy in this world, there’s plenty of it already. Help spread a message, not put people off it.

Tweet/blog to your hearts content about it, but nothing will help more than making a heartfelt du’a.

Party hats and cake. Eid mubarak homebugs xo